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Consider helping patients like Matthew.

matthew-bryce-pic“Matthew  was the happiest 8 month old baby boy you could ever meet, always smiling and laughing. Then on October 27th his pediatrician told his mom to bring him to the emergency room because he was throwing up, very lethargic, but no fever, ear infection or throat infection. So because his head is slightly larger than normal they decided to do a cat scan. The results from the test showed that Matthew had an abnormality on his brain. This tumor caused his brain fluid to be blocked which caused increased pressure which in turn caused his brain to bleed because of all the blood vessels surrounding it. That night he went into emergency surgery to have a tube put in to remove the built up fluids.Matthew was heavily sedated for days. The doctors have sent out samples to get opinions from Johns Hopkins and St. Jude’s. Unfortunately the results came back that this tumor is Grade 3 and it is so rare that they have not been able to identify what kind of tumor it is. Since October 27th, this now 9 month old has endured 4 brain surgeries along with numerous tests (MRIs Cat Scans, etc.), IV pokes, now 3 tubes draining fluid and multiple doctors coming in and out of his room daily. Matthew will need at least one year of chemotherapy treatments, possibly longer. Matthew has an older brother, Mikey, who is turning 2 on December 12th. His mommy, is a young single mother struggling to get by. This has been a long road with an even longer journey ahead for Matthew and his family. It would be absolutely wonderful if you can find it in your heart to donate, any amount will help this family more than you know. Please keep this sweet baby boy in your thoughts and prayers. He is such a tough boy, keeping his smile nice and big as he continues to fight!”

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